Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and inspection

How do I purchase a Road Ready Inspection for a classic vehicle?

You can purchase a Road Ready Inspection online by clicking here. Simply follow the prompts to get started.

What information will I need to order an inspection?

You will need to contact the vehicle owner to collect the following information prior to purchase:

  • Vehicle information (year, make, model)
  • Vehicle location (city and state)
  • Vehicle owner information (full name and phone number)

Do you complete inspections on evenings or weekends?

We perform inspections Monday-Friday with occasional inspections done on the weekend.

Can I order an inspection for a vehicle sold by a dealer?

Yes, you can request a Road Ready Inspection for any vehicle whether sold by a dealer, a private seller, or an auction house.

Can I order an inspection for a vehicle that's located outside of the United States?

Vehicles located in the Unites States and parts of Canada qualify for the Road Ready Inspection program.

How will I receive my inspection report?

Your inspection report will be sent via an email containing a link to your inspection report on our secure website. The inspection report can be easily printed after is has been downloaded.

Do I run the risk that the seller might sell the vehicle I want while I'm waiting for my report?

It's true that the classic vehicle market is “first come, first served" and there's always the possibility that someone might buy the vehicle you want before you're ready to make a decision. It's important to note, however, that the situation is the same whether or not you decide to have us inspect the vehicle for you. Imagine planning an expensive trip to test drive the vehicle only to find out the vehicle has been sold by the time you arrive! To prevent this from happening, we suggest you convey your genuine interest to the seller. A simple way to do this is to arrange for the seller to hold off selling to others until the inspection report is made available in exchange for a small, refundable deposit. This gives you the time you need and demonstrates to the seller that you are a serious buyer.

How much does the inspection cost?

The inspection costs $157 and up in most major metropolitan areas.

The inspection

What does the Inspection include?

Basic inspections cover the exterior and interior of a vehicle while our other inspections offer a rigorous 158-point inspection that documents the overall condition and roadworthiness of vehicles. The inspection is conducted at the vehicle location by an independent inspector and includes a 3-5 mile test drive, the condition of the body and paint, scratches, dents, glass, chassis and underbody, tires and wheels, interior, and electrical items as well as 30+ full-color vehicle photos. Click here to see an in-depth detailed list of the inspection criteria.

Please Note: Basic inspection not included in 158 point checklist

Can I see a sample of an inspection report?

We have sample reports available for you to review on our website or you can click here to See Sample Reports for more details.

How long is the test drive?

The Road Ready Test Drive is typically 3-5 miles long.

Can the vehicle owner drive the vehicle instead of the inspector?

Due to liability concerns, the vehicle owner almost always expects to drive during the test drive portion. We will always respect that decision, and to ensure accurate results, our inspector while sitting next to the driver, will provide the specific instructions during the test drive, in order to record all of the required test points.

Do you have any tips on how to prepare my classic vehicle for the pre-purchase?

There are several points you need to consider before our mobile inspector arrives:
1. Make sure that your vehicle is clean and free of any debris and is easily accessible from all angles because the inspector will take 30+ photos
2. Make sure the battery is charged, the vehicle has fuel and will start
3. Verify that the vehicle can legally be driven on public streets
4. Have all accessories with the vehicle that will be part of the sale (such as manuals, keys, etc.)
5. Review the Inspection checklist list
6. Keep an open line of communication with the potential buyer and allow them time to review the final report. Remember, this is a very interested potential buyer!

Are you insured or bonded?

No, an inspection is not a guarantee. It is merely another tool for you to use in the purchasing process. When used in conjunction with pre-inspection and post-inspection interviews of the seller, you should be able to garner enough information to decide whether or not the car meets your expectations, and if not, adjust your offer or walk away accordingly. Our service has a specially trained, independent, mobile inspector look at a car for you and we provide you with a report of what they see. The final decision as to whether the vehicle meets your needs rests with you.

The vehicle does not have a license plate. Can I still get it inspected?

Yes, as long as the vehicle can legally be driven on public streets in order to complete the test drive. You may need a temporary registration or other form of temporary license plate. Please check the specific requirements of your state and note that our specially trained, independent, mobile inspectors do not carry temporary or dealer license plates.

The vehicle does not have a VIN. Can I still get it inspected?

Yes, just make sure that the vehicle can legally be driven on public streets in order to complete the test drive.

What if the seller / owner refuses to allow for any test drive?

Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do if the vehicle owner will not allow us to do that. Of course, we will inform you of our inability to perform that part of the inspection and you'll have to take that into consideration when you decide whether or not to purchase that vehicle. If the vehicle owner refuses to allow a test drive but all other aspects of the test are completed, no refund is granted.

Our inspectors

Who will be inspecting my classic vehicle?

Our inspectors are all vehicle-loving, gearheads that are passionate about the service they perform!

  • They are trained to inspect vehicles of any year, make, and model based on standardized criteria developed by Road Ready Inspections and McPherson College.
    (Basic Inspection criteria is developed by Road Ready Inspections only)
  • They respect all vehicles, regardless of condition, and may ask the owner to perform certain tasks (open the hood, start the engine, lower the convertible top, etc.).
  • They do not carry tools or have a lift (if the vehicle owner/dealer has a lift, its usage may be agreed upon).
  • They do not offer a personal opinion of the vehicle or whether it should be purchased.

Does the inspector use any diagnostic equipment or tools to perform the inspection?

Sellers typically do not allow any sort of vehicle disassembly during the inspection. Our inspectors do not perform any disassembly of the vehicle during the inspection and therefore do not require the use of tools.  Some testing like checking paint thickness or testing for body filler is done either with a magnet or paint meter.

Does the inspector put the vehicle on a lift?

The inspection is conveniently conducted at the vehicle location by an independent, mobile inspector. In most cases, it is performed at the vehicle owner's home or office. Therefore, a lift is not typically available. If the owner/dealer have a lift, it's usage may be agreed upon.

How to use the inspection report

How do I use the inspection report?

As a vehicle buyer, understanding the contents of this report and how to use it are important. Use this report to:

  • Determine the accuracy of the vehicle description and the vehicle owner's statements
  • Follow up with the vehicle owner regarding any new concerns raised from the inspection (request additional clarification, photos or video)
  • Provide support during negotiations with the vehicle owner or for estimating vehicle repair costs
  • Combine the report with further research to determine a more accurate valuation and make a more informed decision

Note: This Road Ready Inspection Report should NOT be considered a replacement for proper due diligence in evaluating a vehicle for purchase. As the vehicle buyer it is your responsibility to determine whether the vehicle's condition and status are in accordance with the terms of purchase. 

Reminder: A classic vehicle is likely going to have, at a minimum, minor defects. Therefore, it is important to use careful consideration and close examination of all photos provided in this report.

General questions

I'm the seller. Can I trust your inspectors will handle my vehicle with care?

Our inspectors have great respect for vehicle owners and their classic vehicles. Typically, the inspectors will ask the vehicle owner to perform certain operations of the vehicle such as open the hood and trunk. And in the case of rare vehicles, even starting the vehicle.

If I decide to purchase the vehicle, can you arrange transportation?

We do not have any connections to transport companies at this time. We recommend that you contact at least 3 transportation companies and decide based on your research.

Why can't I see the seller's information on some online classified websites?

The seller's information may be withheld to conform with the privacy policies of the online classified websites. You will have to contact the vehicle owner via that website's contact form to get the vehicle owner's contact information.

Travel fees

Travel fees are not common in large metropolitan cities, but when an inspector has to travel outside of his or her territory a travel fee may be required. We never automatically process this payment, but rather you will be asked if you approve the travel fee or not. The decision is always yours and if you cancel the Inspection is fully refundable except the Basic Inspection. The Basic inspection is partially Non-refundable once the order is placed.

Rescheduling or cancelling an inspection

I'm the vehicle owner and received a request for a pre-purchase inspection; can I reschedule the Inspection in the case of inclement weather?

You can reschedule your appointment up to 1 business day prior to the scheduled inspection appointment. The request MUST be received by email or phone during normal business hours (7am-7pm Central time M-F). Please keep in mind the potential buyer will not receive a refund if the rescheduling request is not received within this time period.

Can I cancel an inspection I ordered, if necessary?

Cancellation/reschedule requests must be made at least 1 business day prior to the scheduled inspection appointment. The request MUST be received by email or phone during normal business hours (10am-7pm Central time M-F). Please provide your name, RRC Order ID, and vehicle make/model information. If, after initially approving the inspection date, the vehicle owner refuses permission for an inspection on the day of the inspection, and our inspector has travelled to the site, the customer ordering the inspection will be responsible for the full price of the inspection. If the vehicle owner refuses to allow a test drive but all other aspects of the test are completed, no refund is granted.

What is your refund policy?

Once the inspector sets out to perform the inspection, there are no refunds.