About us

Road Ready Inspections brings together decades of industry expertise and knowledge to deliver confidence and awareness to classic vehicle buyers and sellers. As a market that contributes more than $35 billion to the economy annually, the need for an independent body to create a uniform standard for quality assurance was clear.

Road Ready Inspections answers this need with a nationally recognized, independent quality assurance inspection program that verifies the overall condition and roadworthiness of classic vehicles.

The Road Ready Inspection program is specifically designed to be comprehensive and consumer-friendly, and has been endorsed by McPherson College, Hagerty Insurance, ClassicCars.com and J.J. Best.

We Saw a Need in the Market

Every major transaction is saddled with uncertainties. This is particularly true when purchasing a classic vehicle you hope to drive. In a market that is made up of inventory that can be many decades old, the uncertainties in the decision-making process are multiplied.

  • How do you determine the condition of a vehicle that’s across the country?
  • How can you rely on the sellers representation of the vehicles condition?
  • What guarantee do you have the vehicle is really what the advertising claims and the seller represents?
  • How do I get a second opinion of the vehicles condition?
  • How do I get started in the classic car hobby?

Our Solution? Road Ready Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections for Buyers

Fast and easy nationwide independent inspections give you peace of mind before you buy.